Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A glimpse of computer student's life at IIT

I know that very few people will be interested in knowing about what is going in the life of a computer science student at IIT because their life is the most dull thing at IIT. But I still present a glimpse of their life to give you some idea of the constant trauma under which they live and still they dare to smile. Here I go.....

3 October,2010
12.10 am
terrace of Mercury hostel
(2 days remaining for minor two to go)

Prabhjot: "Yaar do you remember that in first year we would dance after completion of every assignment."
Shashank: "Yaar don't make me remember those wonderful days. We would dance like mad dogs and now even after completing our exams we have no enjoyment. We have lost our emotions. There is no feeling of joy remaining."
Ashwani: "Yaar no one knows of our status. I think before leaving the campus at least once we should let the profs know about our situation."
Sahil Bhaghat: "They are heart less creatures. Nothing going to change."
Priyanshu: "That's correct but at least they should know our state of life."
Preateek Garg: "Its 12.30 am. I have to study a lot.Abhi kal DBMS ka assignment bhi submit karna hai and minors also starting from day after tomorrow. I am going."
Ashwani: "Yaar I have eco presentation too. I am also going."
Sahil: "Chal yaar padhte hain"

Every one leaves.

40 miutes earlier
2nd October, 2010
11.45 pm
Computer Lab

Whole lab is in chaos. Some of the noises which I am able to hear are-
"Have you completed all the questions?..."
"oh no... half is remaining...."
"Hey! how much time...."
"Have you submitted..."
"Yaar net ki speed nahi aa rahi......."
"Moodle is not working...."
"oh Man only 5 minutes have left for the assignment to submit and I have forgot my password......."
"Does any one has a pen drive? I am going to PHD lab to submit the assignment....."
"Take mine too and do submit it from there...."

For those who are not computer science students at IIT Ropar, let me explain you the situation. Minor exam at IIT have 20-25% weightage of the whole semester. Besides that a computer science student have to do a lot of assignments and projects in each subject he is doing at IIT. This time the third year batch has 2nd minor exam from 5th of October. They have got an ADA(algorithm and Design Analysis) assignment due 3rd October, a DBMS(Data Base Management System) assignment due 4th October, some of them have a Economics presentation on 4th.And never the less the pressure of completing module 1 of PINTOS(operating systems Project). Classes will be running till 4th evening (With an extra class of ADA and 2 extra classes of MAL i.e mathematics). 2 papers daily and 6 papers in total in 3 days back to back which means you can either sleep or just revise half of the course before a paper. By the way our cultural fest ended on 26 September which means that the poor souls who worked in it have got just 9 days to do all these assignments and prepare for exams with of course all the extra classes going on regularly. And beside it a few of them have been preparing for Inter IIT sports meet and so they also have to practice regularly.
Sleep! Leave it. This is the most time wasting activity here.

7th November, 2010
2.30 am
My Room(204, Mercury)

Ashwani enters the room and throw his laptop bag on his bed.
Priyanshu: "What happened? fought with her?"
Ashwani: "Nahi yaar. PINTOS ka panga hai. I understood what to do but I am not able to start writing the code."
Prabhjot: "Same here. What you studied there at the lab?"
Ashwani: "Nothing. Just doing PINTOS."
Priyanshu: "Yaar 10th is the last date for Psycho and 12th ko DBMS ka bhi final submission hai."
Prabhjot: "Tune kitna kar liya?"
Priyanshu: "kahan yaar. I have my eco presentation tommorow. I am preparing for it."
Ashwani: "MAL quiz is also there tommorow."
Priyanshu: "yup! and OS quiz on LINUX is at 3 tommorow only."
Prashant: "Yaar jara dheere baat karlo."

Every body goes back to study and again silence prevails in the room.

Major exams(Final exams) will go from 15 to 22nd november and one good news is that the last date for OS project(PINTOS) has been extended upto 22nd midnight which means after the last paper, we have 12 hours more in our hands to work on it. Yuppy!

22nd November
12 noon
Academic Area

The last paper is over and all the students are happy and in cheerful mood. There is a match between the hostel teams and all the people from other branches are in the grounds. While passing by the grounds, I also stopped for a moment to see the match.
12.20 noon
"Ashwani speaking. Where are you? Come to computer Lab. Bring my laptop with you and come quickly. We have to do PINTOS."
And I dragged myself towards the lab. Semester is over for all other people but for us(the computer department at IIT Ropar), only God knows when the semester will be over. :(

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  1. u have expressed real condition of cs guys,but tumare paas itna time kanha se aaya ye sb likhne ke lia.......