Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In Love with Delhi! In love with Shahdara

I have always heard  that "Dilli hai dilwalo ki" (Delhi is the city of people with kind heart). During my stay at Delhi I appreciated this saying and I hope by the end of this article, you will also appreciate it. Firstly a quick overview of how I landed in Delhi. I am doing my 2 month long B.tech industrial internship from a company in Noida(20-25 km from Delhi) and since I have my cousin in IIT Delhi so I stayed there for a month and later on I moved to Shahdara (a locality in Delhi) for the next one month. So this post is out during the duration of my stay at Shahdara.
Without wasting any moment, here I go to show you the generous heart of Delhiites.

The first act of kindness I found at the metro stations of Delhi. You never have to move your body to get into the train. You just need to go and stand in the queue. The people are so generous that they will literally lift you and next moment you will find yourself enjoying the cool air of the ac in the metro. Same applies while deboarding the train.

If you are pleased then this is nothing. The people travelling by DTC bus are even far ahead in kindheartedness. These sweet people are so friendly that when their bus stop comes, they will press you to move out of the bus with them-self, even when its not your destination, only because they do not want to get apart from you. And Masshah-allah their respect for girls and women. They will keep an eye on them during the entire journey, just to ensure that they are in good health, feeling comfortable and cozy and nothing goes wrong with them during the journey.

I hope by now, you too appreciate Delhi. For those who don't I have one more evidence which I am sure will touch your heart and will leave your eyes moist with tears on the generosity of the people. There is a thharra shop (liquor shop) in Shahdara. O' you must visit this famous place. The best time to visit is 7 pm to 10 pm in summers and 6 pm to 9 pm in winters (7 days open). There is great rush of 50-60 people all the time. But people here don't follow the queue system because they feel that everyone has equal right to be at the front. They care about the health of their fellow customers and that is why they constantly try to pull them behind and go ahead them-self so that other persons do not spoil their health due to drinking. Hail to such great lives who sacrifice their health (and sometimes even life) for the cause of the community.

P.S. : This article is meant only for entertaining so please don't let your heart get hurt itself. Please post your comments to let me know how you liked/disliked it and share your thoughts/experiences.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Delhi Metro Ladies Compartment

Note:The following are my own views and they are not meant to hurt anyone.

In last few days, the ladies compartment of Delhi Metro has been in news due to various reasons. I read views of many people including my friends and classmates. Most of them have same thing to say that its not a right step. On one hand we keep shouting that women are at par with men and on other side we provide special reservations and quotas to them. Moreover many people have problem that many of the girls travel in general compartments of the metro in spite of their being a reserved compartment for them. According to these people, there should not be separate compartments. But when the mother/sister or any young ladies family member of such people is traveling alone in metro, then they instruct her to travel only in the ladies compartment. Why? Lets try to find out the reason

I have been traveling in Metro for last 3 weeks and I have seen a lot of incidents which modified my views. Once I saw two young men standing in the space between the ladies compartment and the next compartment. They were engineers at a very reputed company (that i know because the company icard was hanging around their neck). As there was great rush in the train, many girls were standing around. These two men were continuously gazing at girls and talking vulgar things about them(loud enough so that the nearest standing girls were able to listen to him). Now they were not the only two people who are like that, there are many out there who are far ahead of those two in teasing girls.

So, for the ladies who are traveling alone, I support the idea of the L-compartment. The L-compartment gives the sense of security to the girls traveling without any companion. Now coming on the issue of some girls traveling in general compartments with their boyfriends/family, its simply because there are no couple/family compartments. They have some companion and moreover this companion cannot go inside the L-compartment so their traveling in general compartment is justified. The girls who were shouting slogans against the L-compartment on news channels were mostly those who have never entered a public transport or those who are always surrounded by friends and so occupied in gossiping in metros that are unable to see whats going on around.

P.S.:- I support the idea of separate L-compartment for the ladies traveling alone.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


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Saturday, April 2, 2011

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