Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The girl in the bus (Part 1)

I don't know when this bug of blogging entered into my system. I tried the best of the antiviruses like laziness against this horrible bug, but at last my system crashed and as a result this post is here.

In the first post only I don't want to bore you (I do not guarantee the same in future. :P) so let me tell you a story.

First time when I saw her was when she was late for her office. She was sitting on the seat in front of mine and was continuously glancing at her watch. She has just taken bath (that I guessed from her wet hairs).I tried to see her face but could only catch a glimpse of side view. Ohhhhhh myyyyyyy Godddddddd! She is so pretty. I have seen many girls but she was.... just awesome. She was in no makeup, wearing a white kurti and a "sania mirza nathuni" and seems to be coming directly from the heaven. Her fair colour had more glow than her tide washed white kurti. I completely lost my senses. I wanted to see her face again. I was just wondering how beautiful would be the front view of her face. "Ticket Please........"

"Where will you go?"
"15 rupees"
But it is just 10 rupees. I travel daily,this was what I was going to speak out when I heard the sweetest of the sweet voices ......
"bhaiya one ticket for Nehru place."
I was gone.
Its a lie that Lata ji has the sweetest voice, this was what came to my mind.
I thought that I should not create a scene and should pay him 15 rupees without saying anything :-) (First step of making good impression :-) ).

"10 rupees madam"
"kya bhaiya! its only 5 rupees, I travel daily..."
"Nahi madam its 10 only.."
"Aap jyada charge kar rahe ho.."
"Haan haan aap jyada charge kar rahe ho (this one came from me), in the other buses they charge lesser than you (dekh ke mauka, mara chauka..hehehe :P )"

I saw towards her after saying this "impressive" dialogue to see her reaction.
For the first time we both gave a glance to each other. Oh my god! superb, fantastic, outstanding, mind blowing, ra, rapat, rapchik, rapchundas, fantaas.................. all the words used by the judges of the reality shows poured into my mind. She was uniquely, amazingly, outstandingly, ................. blah ......blah ...............blah.........."beautiful"(spare me for my bad English) .
I felt like sitting in a air conditioned Mercedes Benz.

She gave a ten rupee note to the conductor without saying anything more. Now It was my duty to follow her example ("ahimsa parmodharma").I gave out 15 rupees.

As the conducter went away I said "aajkal ye log badi manmani karne lage hain" just loud enough to be heard by her. She turned back at this and nodded. Without wasting a moment I asked "Aap daily isi bus se jati hain?"
"no I use the one just before this one."
"Ohh so today you are late."
hastily, without giving her time to turn away"So you work in nehru place."
"But you seem to be a college student"
"Actually I am. I am doing a part time job here in summer holidays."
I asked "Which college you are in?"(this was the question I wanted her to ask me)
"Lady Sree Ram"
"Ohh I am in IIT" (I thought that its safer to answer before she ask just in case she does not asks)
"oh Nice."

"Nehru place wale taiyar ho jaye" cried the conductor.

"Mera stop aa gaya.Bye"
"okay. Bye!"

I kept watching her till she disappeared in the crowd. Then suddenly I recollected "Oh shit.... uska naam to puchha hi nahi? "

To Be Continued................    

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  1. nice one!!!
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  2. Badiya Likha hai...
    I like it....
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  3. aaaaaaayyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee........

    raj bhaiya...maja bandh diya
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    waise shi dekh k mauka tune mar diya chauka..

  4. Thanks to you all.
    @tushar bas tum padhte raho and comments dete raho to main likhta rahunga.:)

  5. good yaar...
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  9. To the boy on the 81 bus, I love you