Saturday, July 10, 2010

The girl in the bus (Part 4)

I don't know what is going to happen with me. In just last four days, I have seen a lot of changes. I doubt whether I am going on right track or the track is misleading me away from my goal. One more day to go and everything will be finished. Either my life will be no where or it may be now here. Keeping faith in the God and believing that whatever will happen will be best in my favour, let's see what happens. Let me tell you what all happened with me today.

Today I got ready an hour earlier, took an auto from the Ber sarai and reached Katwaria sarai bus stop by 8.30 . She had still not came. I was doing calculations,"two days left which means at most four meetings. If every time there is a traffic jam then one hour in bus each time. So I have at most 4 hours to act. But what should I do. I kept thinking the same question last night also. I did not know what I was going to talk today and even if I was going to talk or not."

She came there right at 8.45 with a friend of her.

With a astonished look, "hey hi! today from this stop?"

"yeah , I told you yesterday na, that this one is nearer to my hostel."(I lied again but this time there was a hesitation while saying. Some part of me was forcing me to tell her the truth that I was there for her only but I could not gather that much of courage.) Her friend was giving me a disbelieving look.

"So your second last day to office . Feeling relaxed?"

"yeah."I could not see towards her face. I was tensed. What to speak out? How to start? Suddenly this occurred to me, "Hey! we still don't know each others name!"

With a little laugh she replied "oh! I too forgot. Who is going to be first?"

"Ladies first." I said.

"O that i s old day's talks. You go first."

"Okay, I am Priyanshu."

"And I am Priya."she smiled.

Wow! What a sweet name. And moreover "Priya" is a part of 'Priyanshu". This thought gave me a boost. May be this is going to be real.

We kept on talking through the whole journey. From talks on some movie to the star plus drama serials and another time on Shahrukh Khan and finally on movies again. Mean while her friend was gazing me as if I was going to kidnap priya (Oo how much I like this name). The topic of discussion was around love stories when Nehru place came. She waved her hand and got down.

Out of the four possible meetings, one was gone. Now I was left with just three in hand and I was not getting any idea. I kept thinking on this the whole day and finally decided that today in the evening I will try to be more friendly with her and after deciding tonight what to do next I will act tomorrow.

I left my office a little earlier than usual and took a bus for Nehru place. I was on time since as I reached there she was coming along with her friend from the lane just in front of the bus stop. She saw me, and with surprise,

"hey! what are you doing here?"

"Nothing just I got off from my office a little earlier and so I was returning back when my bus got punctured and so I am here." I lied confidently.

"Then where is that bus?"

I did not expected this question from her. My heartbeat went high.
"Aaaa..... It would... be..."

"Are you following me?"

Oh my God! I was not prepared for this. I saw towards her and I found clear sign of anger in her eyes.
"..No.... Its nothing like ...that. Its just a coincid... "

"Listen. I hate those boys who hang behind girls. Those silly fellow. They will start moving their tails before any girl they find. They don't even know how uncomfortable it make us feel. Seen a girl and started running behind."


She left with her friend and stood at another corner of the stop. What the hell is this. Where have I gone wrong. Till morning everything was fine and now....... It must be this friend of her. She seems to be Hitler from her look only.
I wanted to tell her that I am not like that. She was the first girl about whom I felt something. But how?

I was standing at a distance not very far from her seat in the bus and was trying to listen what they were talking. She seemed to be depressed while her friend (I will like to call her a bi*ch) was pouring something into her ears. I could not think of what to do and finally I decided to leave everything on tomorrow.
But just a stop before Katwaria sarai I managed to listen a little bit of their talks and what I found that she was on leave from office for tomorrow. A new problem. So whatever I had to do I should do today only. I can't get even slightest of idea how to act. Her stop came and she was moving out. Suddenly I thought this. I brought my book out, teared a bit of paper from it and scratched on that and just when she was to step out I reached her.
"Priya! I am not of the type you are thinking." I handed the paper in her hand. She said nothing and moved away. I cried from behind,"Please read the paper."

The paper had the url of this blog.

"Priya! " I don't know whether you will see this today but I am sure that someday you will visit this page. I confess that I was following you but believe me it was first time I have done something like this. I don't know what is this but I just know that in these last four days I have been thinking mostly of you. It may seem idiotic to you and I might be a matter of laughter among your friends but believe me this is real, somewhere deep in my heart, I have started liking you. I don't have to say anything more. Good bye."

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  1. Good and nice ending.
    Happy Journey for next time.

  2. all the 4 posts are really gud!!!
    aur ending mast hai :-)

  3. WAHH BHI....
    great ending..!!!

  4. bhaiya baat aisi aap jaa kar usko bol do...
    aisi cheezon mein wait nahi karte...
    padh kar pata lag raha hai ki kahani asli hai aur emotions bhi..mayb naam nakli hoga..!!

  5. btw, m expecting part-5 too..!! plz don't disappoint me!

  6. @ dhawal: Thanks for reading and many many thanks for your suggestion. Waise agar kahani sacchi na lage to main use acchi kahani nahi manta. And about 5th part, wo to mujhe bhi nahi pata ki usme kya hoga. just wait and watch.

  7. hey....priyanshu..perhaps u don't know me...but i must say...u have it in you bro...u r too good...keep writing..m following u..n care to visit my

  8. twist was really awesome but little dramatic and filmy. outline is good and impressive. emotions are clear, could be more better. i like your post.keep writing..all the best..