Thursday, July 8, 2010

The girl in the bus (Part 3)

Hi Friends! I don't know why but today I am in a dilemma. I am on a turn on the road where there are two paths leading ahead. My mind orders me two follow one of them and my heart asks me to follow the other. Without riddling anymore, I am going to tell you what happened today.

I woke a little earlier today and did shaving (I had read somewhere that girls prefer clean shaved men.... hehehe). I took a little bit of time in deciding what to wear and after looking myself a hundred times in the mirror (still not satisfied!! ), I reached the bus stop a little earlier. I got into the bus and finally the bus reached her stop. I confirmed my looks into the window glass pane. My heart was pounding. I looked towards the door. People were entering one by one. My heart beat was competing with the bus engine. She could enter any moment. But what the hell! The bus started without her entering! I looked for her outside the window. She was not there! In fact there was no more passenger on the stop. Damn it!

"Her vacations might have ended. No no, this can't happen. Probably she would be late today. Late! Not possible. Girls are very punctual. She might be not feeling well. The weather is changing frequently from hot to cold and vice-verse. But she seemed to be alright yesterday. May be she has some important work to do. What important work can she have in a vacation?
Or may be she has left her job and she is not going to come in the bus any more. No no. That cannot happen. What rubbish am I thinking." All these chit-chat were going in between my heart and my mind .

I could not do any thing today in my office. Even my boss and the colleagues asked me if I was alright. I was getting an intense feeling that I would never get to see her again. I was watching clock, time and again, and was waiting eagerly for the office hours to end. Finally the clock ticked 6 and I came out with a little hope to see her again. I dragged myself any how to the bus stop and got into the bus.

Finally her stop (Nehru place) came. I did not wanted to look for her outside. I was sure she would not be there. But still, just when the bus started moving again, I looked for her. There was a great rush inside the bus. And since it was a cloudy evening, it was somewhat darker inside. I gave a quick searching look towards the rush and consoled myself that she was not there :-(.

Bus was moving slowly in the traffic and was just crossing the Savitri cinema flyover. I saw an another girl standing at a little distance from me but her face was not visible. But it was not she because this girl's hairs were untied whereas she use to keep ponytail. This girl brought her phone out of her purse and started typing perhaps some sms. Oh my God! In the dim moon light of the phone I saw the gleaming face of the girl. It was she only, today in a different hair style. Yes yes yes! It was she. She looked stunningly beautiful today. I looked again into the window pane :P .

Next stop was Pumposh colony. Usually many passengers get down here. Today also the same happened and the person sitting beside me got down there. She moved towards the empty seat and while moving, she noticed me and gave smile. But suddenly a men came from somewhere and before she could sit. #!%!#!# Doesnot these people have even this much of manner to give seat to a standing lady in the bus. Hey! wait a minute, this man has manners! He stood up giving her the seat. WOW! She was seating just beside me. Is this real?

"Hi!" she said.
"Hello!" We met again today (I replied with a smile).
I was having goosebumps. kya bolu? How should I start? Every topic seemed to be silly to me. Oh God! 30 seconds passed without any talk. What a time waster I am.
"So which department you are in?"(she asked.)
"Computer Science". Thanks God! she started. Without any further delay I asked
"And you?"
"I am doing Economics honors."
"Cool So what are your further plans? Job or higher studies?"(I could not think of anything better at that time. :-( )
"I am not sure. Actually I have not decided yet."
"Oh same with me"
She smiled in reply. This time I got a close look of her face. What a beauty! She was looking awesome in untied hairs.
"Which company you are working in?" I asked.
She replied..........., aaaaaa, I don't remember the company name she told. I was just on cloud nine. We kept on talking till her stop came. Time seemed to be flying. How early we reached to her stop.
"Ok I will leave.Bye."
She climbed down. I too stepped out of the bus behind her. She saw me.
"You go to Ber sarai na?"
"Yes I do. But I found that the gate through Katwaria sarai is more nearer to my hostel." (I lied :-) )

I walked with her upto the turn from where she had to turn right and I had to take left. She went away. But I kept standing there looking at the two paths, the two paths that I mentioned at start, not getting any idea which one to follow.

I thought about my self. I had just two more days left for the internship. After that I would be not going through the bus. Perhaps after that I will never meet her. Then why am I being so serious about her. Nothing can be done in just two days.

Wait a minute. TWO DAYS. 48 HOURS. 2880 MINUTES. 172800 SECONDS. Its not that much small man. Its enough. Be positive....

Let's see what tomorrow brings for me..........

To be Continued..............                     Next Part


  1. Its really gud. Is this true or fiction?

  2. @ divya: Thanks for reading and for commenting. And the answer to your question..... I think its better not to say here.

  3. @all
    This is a true story as i got it from reliable sources...
    Priyanshu is on cloud nine for the past three days......
    Lets pray for him......

  4. Priyanshu, from where you are learning all these things?
    Take tips from roommates, I think its time to use their experiences.

  5. @Garg: Can you Name your reliable sources?
    @tarun: Bas bhai life sikha rahi hai and main sikh raha hoon.

  6. arey kuch sikh ke bhai yhan bhi apna param gyam baat dena...
    aho bhagya hamare jo aap jaise dost mile...
    waise agar ladki sahi main hian to pata kar yar chalte hainkisi din chai wai peke ate hain...ya tera man kare.

  7. priyanshu tu to pakka writer ban gaya hai.nice one yaar

  8. ahhaayeeee...
    kya baat hai raj bhaiya...!!
    bahuuuuuut mast likha hai..!!

  9. aakhir kahani me twist aa hi gayi,,
    agar ye true story hoti to bhi itni aachi se nahi likhte .. i like u think well done...
    Have a bright future.....

  10. @ all: thanx to u all for reading and commenting