Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The girl in the bus (Part 2)

Today I again found her in my bus. She got in at two stops ahead of my stop. There were not many people in the bus. The seat besides me was empty. I put my bag there and thought that as she will come near my seat, I will take it away making room for her to sit. She entered from the front gate of the bus. She was in deep blue-green suit with light pink and cream coloured duppatta. She was looking awesome. As she came near she noticed me. Without a moment's delay I waved my hand and said

"hi" she replied.

I was ready to act as per my plan and took away my bag from the seat hoping she will sit there but....#!@!#.

The man sitting just in front of me stood up and thus she sat in the seat in front of mine. What should I do next? I was thinking how to start talk without let her know that I was eager (actually extremely eager :-) ) to talk to her. Thanks God! there was a traffic jam today, giving me extra time. I am sure I was the only one in the bus who was happy to find the traffic jam.

Bus was moving slowly and time was moving out even slower. All the tricks and dramas used by hindi movie hero swayed through my mind but none seem to be helping. At last her stop came and I was not able to say even a single word.
oh! she stood and started moving towards the door :-( . Suddenly I saw that her hanky was lying on the floor. Perhaps she had kept it in her lap and it fell down when she stood up. I came in action and jumped out of my seat, grabbed the hanky and rushed towards the gate. She was just to step out when I cried,

"your hanky...."

She looked towards me, took the hanky from me, gave a smile and stepped out.
I was not on earth.
Thank you god, thank you, thank you, tank you............Whole day her face was hovering around me.

At evening while returning back, I was praying God that she comes again in the same bus. Since this was the only bus on this route, there was some chance of that.
I waited restlessly till her stop. This time there was rush in the bus and I was sitting in one of the seats at back. Finally her stop came. I gazed out side and searched for her on the stop but she was not there :-( . Bus started slowly. My heart sank.

Suddenly the driver pushed the brakes. I looked out and to my surprise, she and a friend of her came running and entered the bus. She was standing in the front part part of the bus and there were many people in between us. But I still managed to get her glimpses. She was panting and and was tightening her hairs with a hair band. I am unable to recollect how the time elapsed and her stop came. She moved out. Bus started slowly.

Suddenly I decided to leave the bus here only. I grasped my bag and jumped out of the moving bus and looked around for her. There was rush outside. She was lost somewhere among the people and I could not find her.

Finally, I looked towards my bus. It was hardly visible now. I started walking towards my hostel hoping that I may find her again next day.....

To be continued......

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  1. koi ni bacha milega milega...
    devi maa ka prasad ek din jarur milega...
    bas ek jap karte jao....jald hi mukti(i hop ye us ladki ka nam ho) prapt hogi...


  2. Good Priyanshu very good, this was the last thing that I expect from you but next time post her photo also.

    Hum bhi to dekhein aisi kaun si BAHAN JI hain jo aapko itni pasand aa gayi.....

    Anyway nice blog HAVE A NICE DAY!

  3. @ tarun Thankyou tarun bhaiya for reading the blog. And ab jo aapne unhe bahan ji keh diya hai to please ab hame bhaiya ji mat kahiyega.hehehe..
    @tushar- Thanx bhai for reading and comenting. I will try to do as u suggested

  4. nice story.. waiting for next part

  5. kya baat hai bhai....laga nahi tha tu aise topic pe likh sakta hai......nicely written

  6. nice one... and i hope its not only a story.. ;)
    and hope it has an ending similar to that of our bollywood movies.. :P :P
    u know what i mean ;)

  7. ooohhhhooooo...!!!
    toh priyanshu babu ko dilli itni raas aa gayi ki yahan dil bhi laga liya..!!
    boh badiya..!! :P