Wednesday, July 3, 2013

But the smile remains floating on your lips……….

Often in our life we reach to some point where we are living away from our family and friends, in a new town, at a new place, with new faces around you and sometimes even a new language and culture. The friends with whom you spent your college are all engrossed in their work and life. The frequency of phone calls to each other decreases exponentially. You are too much busy in your work life that you don’t even have time to know who is living in your adjacent apartment. It is in such scenario that one day suddenly you start feeling like crap and you want to leave everything and just sit idle somewhere. You take a small break from your work for coffee, go the office balcony and look down at the people on the ground floor, how small they appear to be from such a height and soon you are lost in your own thoughts. Thoughts from some happy moments with your friends in past, thoughts of your old crush or girlfriend and a small smile floats on your lips. You take a deep sigh and wish you had someone around here, with you, someone who listens to all your nonsense, someone who laughs when you laugh, with whom you want to hang-out,  whose smile is the sweetest thing you could ever taste. Slowly you start forming an image of such a person in your mind and start smiling at the imaginary talks with this person.

How you two walk side by side on a cool evening, the breeze flowing through your hairs and you two exchanging eye contacts now and then. Sometimes talking and sometimes listening, ignorant to everything surrounding you two, walking down an unknown road. And after a few minutes you realize that you have been smiling from ear to ear and then you give a small slap at the back of your head, still smiling at the silly thoughts and slowly start moving towards your desk. But the smile remains floating on your lips……….

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